BRANDitTV Announces Content and Marketing Partnership with Planet One Ventures

BRANDitTV and Planet One Ventures announce content and marketing partnership for digital signage networks operated by BRANDitTV

San Diego, CA, August 10, 2007 --( BRANDitTV today announced that a multi-year agreement has been reached with Planet One Ventures, Inc. (POV) that calls for the two companies to enter into a strategic business partnership for the distribution and production of sports and entertainment related content.

BRANDitTV is in the process of launching its digital signage service in strategic DMA’s around the country. The BRANDitTV service enables custom television networks to be created and operated inside public venues such as bars, restaurants, stadiums and arenas. The service includes a combination of marketing and messaging features which allow the venue owner to market their brand and their products to customers in an eye-catching manner through the use of existing television monitors placed throughout the venue.

“The partnership with Planet One Ventures and their extensive library of Extreme Sports videos recognized under the Planet X brand will advance our content library and entertainment capability to unprecedented levels within this industry” stated Founder and CEO of BRANDitTV Dan Beach. “Combining the rich library from Planet X with 100’s of hours of college football and basketball content, Internet videos, trivia and entertainment content assure our customers hours of unique and entertaining content on a daily basis.”

As part of a broad agreement, the two companies plan to work together to cross promote and grow their respective business units within public venues, Internet portals and special event promotions. For the last few years, we’ve seen tremendous success in the digital signage market as a content supplier”, says Don Durban, Founder and CEO of Planet One Ventures and Planet X, our work with BRANDitTV insures our growth in this huge and fast growing media category..

About BRANDitTV –
San Diego based BRANDitTV is a digital signage network providing public venues with a broad offering of sports and entertainment related programming and custom marketing services which enable their customers to reach in-venue consumers with new and innovative marketing messages, product engagements and localized entertainment. BRANDitTV service can be found at popular restaurants and bars throughout California, Illinois, Michigan and Washington today and expect to announce various distribution and sales agreements with industry leading sales and marketing companies associated with their plans for the launch of the BRANDitTV service within strategic markets around the United States and Canada.

About POV - Planet One Ventures:
San Diego-based POV is a media, marketing and programming company formed in late 2004 and specializes in the sports and fitness markets with a special emphasis on the youth category. As the producer of the world famous Planet X TV line-up, it is managing the launch of numerous spin-off TV and media properties in cooperation with companies worldwide. Over the next many months, POV will be launching a daily TV series and expanded broadband activity under its and web channels.

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