Gay Rapper Nasty Nick Get's "Sexy" for Up-Coming Shoot with Alan Joseph

Brooklyn, NY, April 16, 2013 --( Gay Rapper Nasty Nick is getting ready to strip down and turn up the heat for his promotional photo shoot in Morris Town. The rapper will be teaming up with former Mr. Gay New Jersey, Alan Joseph for the shoot later this month to help promote his “West Side Story” album. The two have a unique history and their most recent work was featured in the January issue of Get OUT magazine, a weekly LGBT magazine that is distributed throughout New York City.

The rapper himself has always had an interest in photography and intends to captivate his audience as well as the Hip Hop community with this campaign. "It's all about chemistry," he adds, and the rapper sought Alan just because of that, “I love working with him. Alan get’s me, my vision, my style. Sexiness is essential. When it comes to rapping, I put it down, I’m meticulous about my craft and Alan is the same when it comes to his.”

The photos from the shoot will be released this May just in time for the local Pride Celebrations where the rapper will be performing. For more information on Alan Joseph and his services visit
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