RukShuk Game Wins Platinum Award

Serena Phillips of The Family Review Magazine & Review Center announced today that Ruk*Shuk has been selected as a recipient of the prestigious Platinum Award.

Seattle, WA, August 11, 2007 --( Ms. Phillips explained the Platinum Award as being a mark of distinction, being given only to the highest of quality products reviewed at the Review Center.

“Ruk*Shuk [] is such a fascinating and new edge game that captivates players and can frustrate them to no end [which is half of the fun.] … It just had to be placed on a pedastal for its noted difference from the norm.” noted Serena.

She went on to add “Ruk*shuk challenges players to build what is shown on the played card… The catch is this – you build it using oddly shaped rocks. Each rock has its own value based on the challenge of the shape designated by a color. Each turn all players blindly choose 7 new rocks to build with, so the challenge continues all throughout the game and no one has a chance to get comfortable with their play pieces. It is an absolute riot.”

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Ruk*Shuk if offered Zabazoo Corp out of Toronto Ontario and comes highly recommended.

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