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Test diagnostics announces addition of new product in its store DNA Ancestry Test.

London, United Kingdom, March 30, 2013 --( TestDiagnostics is the UK number 1 provider of online DNA tests. The company have recently launched a DNA Ancestry Test which provides details into your bloodline and where you ancient relatives lived.


Test Information

The latest development in DNA testing is the ancestry test. Testdiagnostics a top UK home collection testing company are offering the chance to take this fascinating and informative test in the comfort of your own home. No messy blood or urine samples are required, just a simple mouth swab to obtain cell samples from the inside of the cheek from which the DNA can be extracted.

Most of us know our immediate family tree, parents, grandparents and in some cases one or two generations further back than that, some may have even gone as far as researching the family back a few hundred years, but until now that was as far as you could go.

Imagine being able to go further, not just hundreds of years, but thousands. How did your ancient ancestors move across the world? See how your progenitors progressed through various regions to finally end up with you sat at a computer screen in your home today.

Now that information is finally available in an easily understandable and accessible form via this simple test you can perform in the comfort of your own home.

Testdiagnostics are offering a simple but comprehensive DNA ancestry test. The test is purchased via an easy and convenient online system for delivery to your door. Using the full set of comprehensive instructions provided you are guided through the non-invasive mouth swab, which is then sent off in the package provided within the kit to be tested.


By mapping your DNA and comparing a number of markers with samples from hundreds of regions and peoples from all over the world you can gain amazing insights into where and how your ancient relatives lived. The test will give you all the information you need to plot your ancestor’s progression across the planet.

The results of your test are provided alongside a high-resolution colour photographic map which clearly plots out the global movements of your bloodline. You also receive a personalised DNA ancestry analysis report which gives detailed information about the historical migrations indicated by the markers within your own DNA.

Open a doorway to the past and enjoy a fascinating and enlightening journey into history and find the ancestors you never knew you had.

About Us is a London-based company specialising in mail order laboratory tests. The easy to use websites allows customers to order their desired test and have it delivered to either their home or work address. The customer then provides a sample, in most cases either urine or saliva which is then posted back to the lap in a free return envelope. As soon as the test is processed the customer will be informed of their results. The concept is proving to be very popular for people who want to protect their own privacy and want a quick and easy service.

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