Patrick Henry: Quest for Freedom DVD Wins the Prestigious Platinum Award by Bringing History to Life Using Animation

Serena Phillips of The Family Review Magazine & Review Center announced today that the Patrick Henry: Quest For Freedom DVD has been selected as a recipient of the prestigious Platinum Award.

Seattle, WA, August 11, 2007 --( Ms. Phillips explained the Platinum Award as being a mark of distinction, being given only to the highest of quality products reviewed at the Review Center.

“Patrick Henry: Quest For Freedom, by American Animation Studios [] brings history to life in the eyes and minds of young viewers, which helps them to really understand and be enriched by what they are viewing.” Noted Serena. “Teachers across the nation struggle to get children to really see what they are being shown, and many times history is forgotten once the test is over. With this great video, children are so engrossed in what they are viewing they can forget it is educational and remember it as they would their favorite new box office hit,” She added.

She went on to add “The folks at American Animation Studios have captured a moment in history that is of great significance and is worthy of remembrance. Remembering becomes possible when children view the animated narrator eagle whose duty is to walk you through a moment in our country’s history, that marked a revolutionary time for our country and what we are today.”

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Patrick Henry: Quest For Freedom is offered by American Animation Studios and comes highly recommended.

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