Arabic TV Live App for Android is a Window to the Future

Peaksel has just launched a new kind of application - Arabic TV Live with which everybody can watch Islamic channels on the Android and Kindle devices wherever and whenever.

Nis, Serbia and Montenegro, April 03, 2013 --( Arabic TV Live is a brand new app by Peaksel Company made for the Arab world and Arab diaspora. This app is available for free download on the Google Play market, and a paid version of the same app without ads can be found on the Amazon Marketplace.

“This is not the first application that our company has made for the Arabic community so far. We became famous among Muslims with both wallpapers and ringtones we made specifically for them,” said Marko, a company’s CEO. “With this live TV app we decided to go a step further and enable people to follow the latest happenings around the globe and from all spheres of life,” he added.

This app consists of six different categories of Arabic channels. There is something for everyone’s needs. The categories are the following: Social and drama TV (e.g. Al Jazeera), News and Documentary TV (Saudi TV Channel), Religious TV (Al-Resalah TV), Sports TV (Saudi 1 Sport), Kids’ TV (Toyorlive) and other uncategorized channels and programs (4Shbab TV). The app also has one radio Channel so that people who drive or do something else can be as well informed as the people who watch TV.

All of the TV channels are live streams from You Tube. When incoming calls occur while watching some live broadcast, the live stream video will pause immediately, and the noise will not be heard in the background, and the video will continue once the conversation is over.

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