Eye Candy, Inc. Increases Their Video Editing and Color Correction Capacity with New Tools for Nucoda Film Master

Eye Candy, Inc. now has Digital Vision's 2013 rev2 grading and mastering suite, including ACES (ST 2065-1-2012).

Houston, TX, April 04, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Eye Candy, Inc., Houston’s premier post & mastering facility for digital cinema, continues to increase their capacity for color correction with the addition of a new tool set for Nucoda Film Master.

With the addition of Digital Vision’s 2013 rev2 grading and mastering suite (including ACES [ST 2065-1-2012]), a non-proprietary workflow based on the Academy Color Encoding Specification, Eye CandyTM can read the ACES color space directly, de bayer realtime and work non-destructively at half float from the R3d files without rendering.

Eye Candy’s new tool set includes, among a dozen upgrades, a Deformable Shape Tracker. This allows, for example, to track a woman’s lips as she speaks. The bezier curve will deform automatically with the motion of her mouth as she speaks without further intervention, allowing the change of the color of her lips which can be graded to perfection.

About ACES (ST 2065-1-2012)
Academy Color Encoding Specification (ST 2065-1-2012): A color space that includes the entire visible spectrum is the heart of the new workflow. ACES uses RGB values that are compatible with existing processing systems. The big change is that ACES images are ‘scene referred’, meaning that light is accurately recorded as it existed at the camera focal plane, regardless of how that might look when viewed in its raw state or indeed independent of any output format or display device.

The file format SMPTE (2065-4): ACES files are frame based and a proposed replacement for the .dpx format. ACES is derived from Open EXR, developed by ILM and is a half-float format that shares the extension .exr. However, ACES files contain a metadata flag that identifies them. All ACES files are .exr, but not all .exr files are ACES.

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