Trade Miles International Looking for New Chief Executive

Trade Miles International observed the gradual development of some of their auxiliary services and product lines so they made an analysis in order for them to identify the reason behind this. The firm is looking forward for a vast growth so the Executive Commission are initiating further strategies and ideas that would contribute and further intensify the development, primarily the assignment of a new chief executive for these auxiliary services and product lines.

London, United Kingdom, April 04, 2013 --( Recently, a Director’s conference was held to tackle the said issue and the Committee came up with a decision so called Management Modification Scheduling that they think will support the development of the auxiliaries.

Administration Executive, Terry Long, has declared, regarding the Management Modification Scheduling, that it was agreed during the Board of Directors conference, his position realignment as Administration Executive for auxiliary services and product lines.

The main goal of Management Modification Scheduling is to support the procedure of qualifying and deciding on the strategies for the changes and development. The period for the change planning and implementation is subject to approval by the Committee's prudence in consultation with Mr. Long.

“Timing is everything. The Board feels that we are ready for this intensified move and it would begin with a strong leadership. I am honored to be chosen and motivated to take on this very challenging role. With a great team behind me, I am very positive we will achieve more,” Terry enthusiastically added.

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