Green Alternative Systems (GAS) Release New Conversion to Natural Gas Case Studies

Elkhart, IN, April 05, 2013 --( Green Alternative Systems (GAS), has just announced the release of new conversion to natural gas case studies to assist with providing their clients with the information that they need to make informed decisions about their CNG conversions. Conversion to natural gas has been rising in popularity as more businesses are realizing the cost effective and environmentally friendly benefits of switching to an alternative fuel source.

The case studies that have been released by Green Alternative Systems detail the challenges of specific clients; the solution, benefits after the conversion to natural gas and information about the service. These case studies have been released to provide companies with the process behind Green Alternative System’s solution-based ideas and initiatives to assist companies with reducing emissions and fueling costs.

Switching to an alternative fuel such as compressed natural gas reduces fueling costs by 15-50% per equivalent to the gallon of gasoline while propane is 30-40% less expensive. For large fleet-based companies these savings contribute to massive numbers per year. A CNG conversion also increases safety while reducing maintenance and repair fees. Currently, there are a number of government programs that encourage CNG conversions by providing rebates after companies have had CNG conversion kits installed in their vehicles. Globally, more compressed natural gas fueling stations are being provided for individuals and businesses, making the switch easier and more convenient than ever before.

Green Alternative Systems provides the highest quality conversion kits that are currently available in the industry, which have been tested by leading bodies such as the Altoona Bus Test. Gas offers one of the longest standing warranties in the industry to guarantee a safe alternative fueling option that works at its optimal capacity for years.

To read the case studies and to find out more about conversion to natural gas contact Green Alternative Systems directly.

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