Princess Wisdom Publishing Releases Now What: You're Unemployed... How to Handle Downtime? By F. Sophia

Princess Wisdom Publishing has released Now What: You're Unemployed...How to handle Downtime? By F. Sophia and asserts "This book gives blow-by-blow details of how to handle excessive unemployment and career transitions."

Detroit, MI, April 07, 2013 --( In Now What: You're Unemployed...How to handle Downtime, author F. Sophia provides, "real-life illustrations of how employees can cope with excessive periods of unemployment, and gives examples of how the unemployed can accomplish positive career transitions in an evolving marketplace."

Princess Wisdom Publishing owner F.S. Humphrey is excited about the release of Now What: You're Unemployed...How to handle Downtime. She states that, "This book is very practical and the author is very transparent. F. Sophia shares how she used her faith to help her through one of the hardiest seasons in her life, and provides realistic solutions of how persons from all walks of life can overcome unemployment. No matter where you are in your career, Now What: You're Unemployed...How to handle Downtime, will equip you to prepare for your career transitions. Unemployment is something that most people want to avoid, and will often try to change organizations before it occurs. Sadly, not everyone is given the opportunity to switch organizations before they are laid off. As a result, individuals often end-up accepting a job and do not make long-term career goals. F. Sophia fully understands that switching professions is not as easy as most employees think, and provides the necessary steps to help the unemployed with this process."

F. Sophia is a principle author for Princess Wisdom Publishing. Feana writes about various subject matters, and her published works include: CL Etiquette, Flirting with Disasters, La Latina de Elegancia in English and Spanish, Defense Mechanisms: Mastering Offenses, satan's helpers and Now What: You’re Unemployed…How to Handle Downtime. She is a jet setter by nature, and travels globally. She often wakes-up in one country, and goes to bed in another one. Feana consults in numerous industries, negotiated contracts for Fortune 500 companies and conducted etiquette seminars for a Tier 1 University. She enjoys cooking, baking, dancing, providing sustainment, biodynamic and eco-conscious consultations to restaurateurs and living a healthy lifestyle.

This is the seventh book from Princess Wisdom Publishing, and is now available in Kindle, Nook and other electronic book formats for $9.95.
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