PHC Launches PHC Dashboard FX

Built for decision makers or task managers, PHC Dashboard FX optimizes time by delivering a mobile monitoring service of your business through a tablet device. A decision support tool with an intuitive and advanced interface that offers real-time decision making, by providing priceless company metrics and analytics for every scenario.

Lisbon, Portugal, April 06, 2013 --( PHC, a business software developer launches a new tool that will empower decision makers with the right choices and help task managers by providing them better management tools within their organization. Built for Project Managers, Sales Team Managers, Company Directors or Sales Directors, the new PHC Dashboard FX targets content consumers. This application allows users to quickly spot important business information and dig into underlying data to highlight powerful analytics, delivered quickly to save valuable time.

Equipped with real-time business data, on-the-go decisions, critical information, powerful analytics, super-safe security, priceless privacy and a user friendly interface, PHC Dashboard FX provides instant access to key performance drivers and real-time analytics needed to steer any business to success. It's available on tablet devices with iOS, Android or Windows operating systems and on MAC or PC desktops.

PHC Dashboard FX has a one-click dashboard refreshment view to show exactly what is happening in key business areas or how the company is doing overall.

The application can be used in three different languages (English, Spanish or Portuguese) and users can customize their dashboard with several charts, tables and listings. Real-time business data is delivered with precision at the right moment.

A simple login gives users instant access to all PHC FX analyses as quickly as they can click their mouse. A hundred different perspectives are delivered on a tablet or laptop to identify the root causes of weaknesses in any business. You can monitor sales, compare opportunities, master your accounts or get in-depth knowledge of your customers and suppliers, and key metric indicators are on the go.

Inside information has an incalculable value for any company and PHC Dashboard FX keeps you in the know, minute by minute. Users have all the important areas of their businesses and their analyses, in one place only.

PHC Dashboard FX supports multi-company environments. Logging out of sessions is no longer necessary, as the application gives instant access to multiple databases. One click chooses the database and another chooses the company, in a quick, easy and super-efficient process.

PHC Dashboard FX provides a powerful and intuitive browser that delivers a hands-on experience of your information for any role. An array of tables and charts transforms vital data to leverage numbers into clear reports that are easy and fun to read. Every detail is color-coded to help you browse with the tip of your finger (or cursor).

According to Céu Mendonça, PHC's Sales Director, "PHC Dashboard FX is ideal for on-the-spot decision makers, to enable them to make better decisions, monitor their sales, compare opportunities, know their customer rankings or even tame their accounts." She also highlights that "users will have all their PHC analyses at the tip of their finger, on a tablet or laptop, in real-time, and quickly find hundreds of different perspectives for their key business metrics. And because it is an intuitive application, colors and shapes help them find information instantly to arm them with the finest tools to make top-notch decisions."

PHC Business FX was designed to boost productivity and reduce costs. It is available exclusively on SaaS and on a Web interface, which allows access anywhere and anytime.
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