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Alaina Stanford’s books move SciFi and Fantasy Fiction deeper into the Romance Realm.

Kaysville, UT, April 06, 2013 --( In her book “Tempest Rise” (ISBN B009LUMXWS), Alaina Stanford blends a Science Fiction Adventure with a touch of Romance to create an exciting romp through a world full of Empathic healers and large carnivores monsters. Stanford shows how deep personal friendships can bring perspective and strength during stressful even dangerous situations.

During the Alliance Peace Summit Lysette Nolan, a surgeon from the modern world meets Prince Katar of Treborel whose people rely strictly on the ancient art of the Empathic Healing. Lysette could not ignore the intense attraction she felt for Katar. The very moment their eyes met a sharp grip of excitement and anticipation ran through Lysette's entire being. Katar felt the same sting of emotion despite the knee Lysette shoved into his groin in an attempt to be free of his iron grasp. Attracted by her beauty and stubborn intellect Katar couldn't help but pursue her. Yet he knew there was no chance for a future with Lysette. His people had no need for modern medicine. Still he could not deny his desire for Lysette. His only hope was to find some common ground the two could share.

As their romance blooms an assassination attempt on their neighboring country of Bantors pregnant Queen Elsebeth sparks a chain of events that leads to continental war. The war escalates as Lysette befriends several of Treborels Empathic Healers determined to learn more about their mysterious healing techniques. Lysette accompanies the Empaths to a medical unit near the front lines where they are captured by Bantor's Elite Guard. Lysette's worse fears are realized as the psychotic Commander Connor, bent on vengeance against Katar tortures and kills Lysette's transport crew right before her eyes. While in captivity, Lysette struggles to save Queen Elsebeths newborn twins and maintain her usefulness.

As Katar races against time to rescue Lysette. She is told he married another and begins to lose hope. Lysette allows herself to grow close to the last remaining prisoner, an Empath named Andru.

Will Katar reach her before her usefulness as a doctor is finished and her torturous death begins? If Katar can save her, will he find she has given her heart to another before she discovers the truth?

Stanford’s villain is intriguing. Commander Connor has a mysterious past. He is a highly intelligent psychopathic killer determined to wreak havoc as the kills and tortures his way across the continent.

“A strong female character is key to a good action adventure as well as a satisfying romance. My female leads are not perfect. That’s where a strong yet imperfect hero figure comes in handy. Escape into a good book is so important in this stressful world. My goal is to offer a book that provides action, adventure and a touch of steamy love to attract them male audience as well as the female reader,” Stanford says.

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About the Author:
Alaina Stanford grew up in Illinois, raised her family in Missouri and currently resides at the foot the mountains in Utah. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology with a minor in Psychology from UMSL which added perspective and depth to her novels. She is currently releasing the sequel to Tempest Rise entitled Vengeance’s Fire and has written the Fantasy Series Hypnotic Journey books entitled, Forbidden Quest, When Magic Fails and As Darkness Falls. The fourth book in this series will be released in May 2012.

Author Alaina Stanford
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