Glasgow Skip Hire Unveils New Caged Lorry and Van Service to Pickup Trash

Recent developments saw the cheapest skip hire service in Glasgow promoting a caged lorry and van for trash picking instead of their usual skips. This may be confusing for some but Glasgow Skip Hire elaborates on this new turn of events.

Glasgow, United Kingdom, April 09, 2013 --( The recent service offering of Glasgow Skip Hire was met with raised eyebrows, but the Company reiterated it’s for the customers’ benefit. They pointed out several things on why they offered such services. Here’s a summary of what they want customers to know about this new offering from them:

• Lower Cost. The company which provides the cheapest skip hire service in the Glasgow area defends their latest offering. Glasgow Skip Hire claims this will further lower costs for customers since in terms of volumetric capacity, a caged lorry or even a van will be much cheaper.

• Wait And Load Service, No License Needed. Another thing pointed out by the Company is the need for license of skips prior to parking it on the road which is necessary if you don’t want it parked on your own land. That is on top of the extra £20 the City Council charges as parking fee. This is contrary to this new service which waits for the containers to be filled and does not need any license whatsoever.

• Minimal Damage To Property, If Any. Apart from this, Glasgow Skip Hire claim damage to customers’ property is greatly lessened if not totally avoided. Skips are notorious among homeowners for damaging driveways due to their bulky and heavy nature. Steel skips resting on driveways or any flooring types will surely leave a dent or mark unless a ply is placed before setting it down which is another expense by the way.

• No Fly Tipping. Another point covered by Skip Hire Glasgow to reinforce their latest service is fly tipping which is a common problem among skip renters. Empty skips attract neighborhood trash just as surely as flies get attracted to the trash itself. The additional cost is then shouldered by the renters.

• No Overloading. Filled up skips still tend to attract fly tippers. Since overloaded skips are not allowed, excess trash is thrown overboard which unfortunately is normally lands in your backyard. The extra trash is then your problem and surely will cause some headaches.

• No Need To Be A Good Estimator. With skips, you need to estimate carefully how much trash you have to get the most appropriate type of skip to hire. Mis-estimating will cost you a good deal. This won’t be a problem with a caged lorry or van since Glasgow Skip Hire will take everything and charge you only for the exact amount of trash.

• They Take Everything. The best part of this new service is that unlike skips which have restrictions on what particular trash can be collected, a caged lorry or van can collect almost anything.

The things mentioned above are just some of the additional benefits of this new service as clarified by the Company. They stated that they still have flexible hours of operations and still operate during weekends to serve customers.

Located in Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland, Glasgow Skip Hire provides skip for homeowners and business establishments alike to serve as containers for their trash. The Company prides itself on their punctuality and customer service apart from having the cheapest skip hire service within the city.
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