The Computer Social Impact Research Institute's Volunteer Jessi Bowe Has Just Won 2nd Place in the National Wavers Competition for Liberty Tax Here in Anacortes, WA is pleased to announce another winner from their dedicated group of volunteers, Jessi Bowe. Jessi is a member of their college of synthesis, an inter-generational learning center based in Anacortes, WA. With a little help and moral support from the Director, these students enjoy creating their own unique film and video/audio productions utilizing the amazing grace of music and love to effect change for the better in society and to bring healing to a troubled world.

Anacortes, WA, April 09, 2013 --( Sponsored Jessi Dancing for Liberty in Anacortes, WA by providing camera, laptop, and editing software to this budding filmmaker, Jessi, who waves for liberty tax almost every day during tax season. This is her second year as a Liberty Tax waver. Last year her and friend won third place out of over seventy entries. Jessi has been a CSIRI volunteer in counseling domestic violence victims and their families for several years now. The Computer Social Impact Research Institute is dedicated to healing through the art of musically-informed intelligence.

Serving domestic violence victims, cancer victims, or any victims of generational poverty, CSIRI provides problem teens with free counseling and the opportunity to perform community service in educating not only themselves but any who wish to learn.

CSIRI helps teens create their own films and videos for submission to contests in global awareness and peaceful solutions to violence and war.

CSIRI is dedicated to bringing back music and art as primary learning tools bringing a new paradigm to education, creating self-esteem through inter-generational projects, and replacing grades and standardized testing with portfolios and inner motivation assessed by the joy in learning that is every child's birthright. Utilizing advances in brain-based research and quantum physics understandings of reality, CSIRI attempts to provide global cooperation and healing necessary for planetary survival as a species. CSIRI is dedicated to creating safe havens for stimulating solutions to environment repair and habitat integration, as well as dynamic and universal design projects. There is a wide selection of books and papers linked to the non-profit's websites. Most are downloadable as ebooks.
CSIRI, Inc. (Computer Social Impact Research Institute, Inc.)
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