WCPE Offers "Cinema Classics Weekend" August 18 and 19

Wake Forest, NC, August 12, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Think of your favorite movie. Would you get the full effect if there was no music? Would “The Bad News Bears” be as funny without the overture to Bizet’s “Carmen”? Would the fountains of Bellagio scene near the end of “Ocean’s Eleven” be as tranquil if Debussy’s “Clair de Lune” was not playing in the background? It’s no secret that music adds exceptional value to the power of a movie, and classical music has been used time and again to reinforce this notion.

On August 18 and 19, TheClassicalStation.org will offer Cinema Classics Weekend, celebrating great classical works that have been featured in motion pictures. Classical pieces featured in soundtracks such as “Amadeus” and “Dangerous Moonlight” along with other magnificent works will be highlighted.

“It’s fantastic to see classical music thriving in motion pictures,” says WCPE General Manager Deborah S. Proctor. “Movies are a wonderful way to expose new audiences to the works of the masters of old, as well as introducing them to today’s classical talent.”

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In central North Carolina and southern Virginia, WCPE is found on the radio at 89.7 FM.

About WCPE:
With a 28-year history, WCPE is a non-commercial, 100 percent listener-supported, independent station dedicated to excellence in Great Classical Music broadcasting. Community-minded business underwriters and foundations are among the 150,000 listeners in the North Carolina broadcast area. General Manager Deborah S. Proctor’s leadership has enabled the WCPE community to include national and worldwide listeners. Other radio stations and cable television systems are able to rebroadcast Great Classical Music. WCPE is one of the first public broadcasters to stream on the Internet. WCPE is heard worldwide on the Internet in multiple formats, including the next generation IPv6. Because WCPE receives no tax-derived support, the station conducts two on-air fundraising campaigns and two major mail-out campaigns per year to raise needed operating funds. Quarter Notes, the WCPE Program Guide, is published four times a year as a means to enhance appreciation and understanding of classical music. It is distributed to station supporters and is also available online at TheClassicalStation.org/guide. For more information, visit TheClassicalStation.Org or call 1-800-556-5178.

Mike Gauss