Easy Magento 1.7 60-Minute QuickStart Guide Now Available

Free 20-page publication ShowMe Guides(tm) Easy Magento 1.7 60-minute QuickStart Guide is now available to the public.

Austin, TX, April 10, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Today author Kerry Watson of OSCmanuals.com published a free, 20-page "Easy Magento 1.7 60-Minute QuickStart Guide" that explains how non-technical readers can quickly set up an online shop using the free Magento 1.7 CE e-commerce program.

Rarely are the words "Easy" and "Magento" seen in the same sentence, but this full-color, fully illustrated guide includes instructions for quickly setting up Magento 1.7. No technical knowledge is required. The new free guide is current to Magento 1.7. The guide also includes information about how to select and install a theme or template (or to have them installed for you for free or at low cost by a theme or template company).

Who Should Download The Free Easy Magento 1.7 60-Minute QuickStart Guide For Magento?
The new Easy Magento 1.7 60-Minute QuickStart Guide is perfect for non-technical users, such as Magento administrators or those who are interested in trying and testing out Magento, but are not yet ready to commit. After only sixty minutes the user will have a very good idea whether or not they want to commit to learning this program. All guides by OSC Manuals are geared to this audience. But this guide can be a valuable time-saver even for advanced developers who need to install many copies of Magento and get out fast. Web hosts and developers are licensed to give unlimited copies to their own clients, freeing them from basic support to concentrate on technical issues. See the site for details.

Download Link: http://oscmanuals.com/magento-easy-minute-quickstart-guide-file-53.html?prmpi

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