Two Holocaust Survivors Reunite with New Book Release

Stefania Heilbrunn, of South Africa and Ester Wilhelm Tepper, of Beverly Hills, both were young girls when Hitler and the Nazis ruled over and occupied their town of Radomsko, Poland and now, decades later, the two women have reconnected with the publication of “Children of Dust and Heaven: A Diary from Nazi Occupation through the Holocaust,” available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle eBook.

Beverly Hills, CA, April 11, 2013 --( After the end of World War II, as a young teen, author Stefania Heilbrunn, returned to her hometown to search for fellow survivors. A young boy ran up to her, thrust a diary into her hands and ran off. The diary was written by her schoolmate, Miriam, who had died during the war. Miriam’s diary, which is incorporated into this book, propelled the author to research and write this powerful collective memoir.

Ester Wilhelm Tepper reconnected by telephone with Stefania and instigated the new publication of this powerful book. Based on years of research, interviews and her own harrowing experiences, author Stefania Heilbrunn, gives a vivid account of how the Nazis occupied her hometown in Europe and ruthlessly, systematically captured, tormented and killed almost all 14,000 Jews, living in her town with a total population of 30,000.

Starting with Hitler's orders and the Nazi Occupation, the author details the travesties beginning with the over-crowding of the ghetto, the countless beatings and ruthless killings. She describes the heroic acts of those who fought back to survive, as the Nazis ordered mass deportations to the concentration camps, work camps and death camps, slaughtering thousands upon thousands. Heilbrunn describes the day to day banalities of evil, as well as the courageous acts of bravery and miracles that enabled survival to just a few hundred Jews of her town.

This new publication of the book, now in paperback and in eBook, contains dozens of photographs, including several photos that Ester Wilhelm Tepper recently provided, which her father, Zelig Wilhelm, an accomplished European portrait photographer, took during the Nazi Occupation. One particular photo is a photograph that the Nazis commanded Zelig to take and was intended to document the systematic Nazi killings of Jews. This is the first publication of this photo, a grueling image of a German soldier standing in front of several hanging dead Jewish men and it is included in this book to provide historic evidence of the Holocaust.

“Compelling details and dozens of historic photos make this book an enduring document of truth,” says Terry Helms of Remember Point. “Remember Point publishes this collective memoir, authored by Stefania Heilbrunn, to honor the millions who perished during the Holocaust and that their memories may bring forth peace and understanding throughout the world.”

All profits derived from Remember Point’s publication of this book will be donated to the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust.
Remember Point
Linda Miller