Clutch Financial Solutions Launches New Website:

Mississauga, Canada, August 01, 2007 --( Clutch Financial Solutions is pleased to announce the launch of its new website. This website offers a clean and unhindered look into the primary elements of the company including its founding information, services offered and client access to their online portfolios.

Clutch Financial Solutions was founded by David J. Banks as a comprehensive financial services company centred around the concept of "client-forward" thinking. They are a dedicated group of advisors all of whom share the same ideals — a circle of vibrant and positive thinking individuals driven by client success.

The advisors of Clutch Financial Solutions have independently built their solid reputations over many years based on client trust, product knowledge and industry expertise. Now, they've come together to offer a fresh and undivided approach to investments partnering with experts in the fields of Estate Law & Administration, Accounting, Financial Planning and Tax Planning. Their personalized Navigator schedule helps ensure clients will not feel daunted by the wide ranging financial fields that touch their lives now and into their retirement years. Personal interaction, education and principled decisions are always treated as part of an ongoing dialogue between advisors and clients.

Clients know to expect an enduring commitment between the Clutch team and their financial well being — for this reason, wealth creation and preservation is made as intelligible and straighforward as possible.

In order to provide you with the best possible advice, Clutch Financial Solutions is in a state of perpetual research and education. It's their job to discover and execute the optimum products and service available in the marketplace for your maximum benefit.

Clutch Financial Solutions
Chris Fulton