World Film Magic Announces Two New Releases for October 23, Un Secreto de Familia and Una Avetura en Durango

Hollywood, CA, August 15, 2007 --( World Film Magic, a Hollywood based film and DVD distribution company, announces two new releases for October 23 2007, "Un Secreto de Familia" (A Family Secret), and "Una Aventura en Durango" (A Durango Adventure).

According to CEO Jose Gonzalez, “World Film Magic is on the cutting edge, bringing high-quality independent cinema to a large and ever-growing online audience.” The Latino owned company offers a variety of motion picture entertainment from around the world in different languages.

The Spanish language movie which features several known faces in Latin entertainment like Sonia Infante and Maria Laria, has been featured at the Sundance Film Festival. It has won awards at almost all of the other festivals it has attended. Josefina (Estrella Lopez) is a seductive and sensual woman who plays unabashedly with men. Each night she hipnotizes and traps in her web of deceit rich customers that come to see her at the night club where she works as an exotic dancer. Her beauty is her passport to the riches she so desires and Tony (Rafael Cuevas) knows that. Exploiting his lover and protege, (these two have an accent on protege) he sends her deeper and deeper into the dark world of prostitution. But Josefina hides a terrible secret that links her to an unhappy childhood. Maria (Sonia Infante), Josefina's mother, has been a woman that very coldly has rejected her daughter since she was a little girl, thus imprinting in her in such a way a hate that will unravel in surprising ways and that will take the story's characters through intricate psychological landscapes. Dr. Hernandez (Maria Laria), a shrewd psychologist that has been able to gain Josefina's trust, will try to saw back together the pieces of a broken and sad life waking up secrets buried in the depths of her memory. But the psychologist suspects that her patient could also be tied to the wave of crime that hit the city and that is keeping the police very busy. What secret does the beautiful Josefina hide? What demons torture her mind and who will stop the mysterious spate of crimes that shades the city in red?

Una Aventura en Durango introduces us to the life of a wishful dreamer who is hoping to be a famous singer. He wants to sing to the trials and tribulations but also to the good things in life. He wishes to meet beautiful women and important people, to have pretty things and many cars. Through singing, he will earn all this not just for him but to also be able to help his brother out who has supported him so much after their parents died. The brother is very sick now and could have a heart attack any time. Una Aventura en Durango is full of emotions, songs, cock and bar fights, horse races and beautiful women. Music from Banda Lamento Show de Durango.

Both films are available on October 23rd, 2007 at and from selected major retail outlets.

World Film Magic
Francisco Olea