BratBliss Launches Website for Summer Camp Planning

Planning kid's summer camps and activities can be a very stressful activity for parents. Bratbliss addresses this problem by providing an easy to use site that allows parents to plan their kid's summer activities and camps with their facebook friends.

San Jose, CA, April 14, 2013 --( BratBliss announces the launch of their new website that allows parents to plan their kid's summer activities with their Facebook friends. The site allows parents to log in and set weekly status of their kid's activities. Parents can view their friend's kid's status as well assuming the friends have signed up on BratBliss. Realizing that kid's information is sensitive, the information can be viewed only by friends and not friends of friends. Furthermore, parents can stop sharing information with any friends they choose silently. Furthermore, the site provides an extensive searchable camp directory.

"The months building up to June are a very stressful time for parents," says Aditi Kapadia, CEO of BratBliss. "Parents have to plan camps and activities for each week of the summer vacation. Most parents I know do this by talking to friends in an ad-hoc manner, which is obviously very inefficient. BratBliss automates this process and also provides the convenience of an extensive camp directory."

BratBliss is actively signing up new users. "According to the American Camp Association, the number of campers in 2011 was estimated to be 11 million in the United States," continued Kapadia. "This market has practically been untouched by new web and social technologies. BratBliss plans to revolutionize how parents choose new activities. Our goal is to reach a million users in three years."
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