Megacollage Announces Series of Free Online Music Compilations

With millions of songs now available online, who has time to hunt through them all? Megacollage has mined them and found the gems.

Cary, NC, August 14, 2007 --( Megacollage, a pioneer in online media compilations, today announces Megacollage Music, a section of its web site that publishes free online music compilations and makes them available in the playlist formats of the leading music stores, such as iTunes and Yahoo! Music, as well as in the open .m3u playlist format. With a single click, customers can listen to an entire compilation on demand if they are a Yahoo! Music Unlimited subscriber, or preview the songs and then easily purchase them for 99 cents each. For most of the songs, with a single click, visitors can also watch and listen to the music video in its entirety for free courtesy of MTV, Yahoo! Music, VH1 and other streaming music video providers.

Megacollage Music currently has three series of popular music compilations all focused on songs with both standout music and standout lyrics.

Breakers is a series of music compilations featuring the hottest popular music hits, buzz cuts, infectious grooves, party rollers, hard-driving rockers and high-energy pop. Published annually from 2006 back through 2001, these are the catchiest hits of today. Many are radio staples, but where Megacollage excels is in also uncovering deep album tracks and lesser known artists that may have gone overlooked. "'Signals Over the Air' by Thursday from Breakers - 2003, 'In the Shadows' by The Rasmus from Breakers - 2004, 'The War Is Over' by TRUSTcompany from Breakers - 2005 and 'Our Time Now' by Plain White T's from Breakers - 2006 are all fantastic songs that could have been played over and over on the radio and the target audience would have loved them if only the stations knew about them," said Scott Consolatti, founder and president of Megacollage.

Embers is a series of music compilations featuring slower popular music hits, reflective musings, progressive rock and contemporary pop. Published annually from 2006 back through 2001, these are the most-heartfelt songs of today. Again Megacollage excels at uncovering some lesser-known gems. "'Flowers in the Window' by Travis from Embers - 2001, 'All the Pretty Girls Go to the City' by Spoon from Embers - 2002, 'Came a Long Way' by Edie Brickell from Embers - 2003, 'Let's Get Lost' by Elliott Smith from Embers - 2004, 'Bleed' by Anna Nalick from Embers - 2005, and 'Penny On the Train Track' by Ben Kweller from Embers - 2006 are all rewarding songs that deserve to be heard by a wider audience," said Consolatti.

Threads is a series of themed music compilations spanning the 50+ year history of popular music. Current compilations include the best songs ever about Rock and Roll, Time, Man, Want, Money, Fire, Drugs, Dreams, Driving, Love, Paradise and Animals. The creative themes arrange classic favorites across the decades along a common thread to offer a fresh, rewarding listening experience. Great care is taken to the arrangement of the songs, yielding compilations that make a collective statement worthy of the songs themselves. "It's downright fun to hear these tried-and-true favorites together, arranged on a common theme for the first time," said Consolatti.

About Megacollage:
Megacollage, a pioneer in online media compilations, is a company whose web site is aimed at making it easier for people to make choices in a life that is constantly flooded with over-choice. Megacollage is building a reputation of crafting media compilations as good as and often better than anything one would find in a store, and delivering them in a format that combines the best of what today's online world has to offer. Popular media lovers will find a lot to like at the Megacollage web site.

Scott Consolatti