Launches Online Health Marketplace for Addiction and Eating Disorder Treatment

One-of-a-Kind Digital Healthcare Platform Launches in Beta with California-Based Treatment Facilities.

Beverly Hills, CA, April 14, 2013 --( Every year more than 2 million people struggle to find effective addiction or eating disorder treatment for themselves or loved ones. With little experience in addiction and recovery they quickly become overwhelmed and frustrated as they try to navigate the often misleading information they encounter on the internet, frequently accompanied by phony testimonials and bogus rating systems. Most don’t even know what type of treatment is needed or what questions to ask when looking for an ideal treatment center. They become further disillusioned calling rehab after rehab, often speaking with call center “closers” with a talent for playing on their emotions to make a sale.

In a field with minimal standards, regulations that change state to state, often with poor compliance, most people are helpless to discern quality facilities from nefarious “addiction mills”. has been launched to address the urgent needs of families searching for the best care for their loved ones. Utilizing their proprietary technology, Bookyourcare allows people to research different facilities and to book treatment, usually at significantly discounted rates. This digital health marketplace uses an innovative and industry game-changing platform that connects consumers with facilities the company has visited and reviewed. The unique matching system generates a list of best matches for each individual inquiry, based on the answers to an in-depth questionnaire. Then, through an auction platform, prospective clients can select and book the facility of their choice at a great price, often at a steep discount. Both the matching and auction platform services are confidential, secure, HIPAA compliant and user friendly. BookYourCare builds on the concept of the modern online marketplace ---think of it as an "eBay” tailor made for treatment facilities.

BookYourCare’s one-of-a-kind 100-Point CareCheck® system allows family members to feel confident that their loved one will be in a safe treatment environment, rather than encountering a run-down center, an apathetic staff, lax security and drug protocol---an "addict-mill" atmosphere, as too often happens. Tech pioneer and BookYourCare CEO, Michael Sigal, had a similar experience with a loved one which inspired the concept and creation of the service.

BookYourCare provides transparency to the consumer. The extensive 100-Point CareCheck® process takes the mystery and confusion out of finding a treatment center by clearly showing and rating treatment services, client care, health and safety, accommodations, and licensing. BookYourCare designed the CareCheck system to ensure that it is unbiased and free of any conflict of interest. To do that, they used a variety of proprietary methods including on-site reviews. It is expensive to conduct on-site reviews but, given the critical importance of selecting the right facility and care, BookYourCare did not want to rely on sketchy, unverified client testimonials. Instead they invested in creating a process that would provide a professionally generated and objective set of information to be presented to prospective clients and their families to help make the right decision. To accomplish that, BookYourCare has engaged a team of treatment professionals, as well as a national network of professionals from the security, health and safety, investigative & mental health fields.

During the beta launch, California-based treatment centers are the primary focus, with additional states to be added throughout the year. Treatment options offered range from alcohol and drug abuse, with co-occurring mental health issues, and primary eating disorder care designed to also address possible mental health or addiction issues.

"In reinventing the way people book residential treatment we’re discovering that truly good facilities are embracing BookYourCare as something that can help elevate the business as a whole and help keep people from making bad treatment choices” said Michael Sigal, CEO of BookYourCare. “They also recognize that, over time, BookYourCare can ultimately help reduce their marketing costs and allow them to focus on what they do best-- treatment.”

BookYourCare is going to change the way people find and pay for addiction treatment. Those who utilize this unique way to match loved ones to treatment facilities will be able to book the best care---at the best price.

Introducing transparency, true consumer choice, and digital free market principles to healthcare services… A New Online Marketplace for Healthcare Services. Beta launch is set for March 20, 2013.

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Laura Ackermann