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Renowned eLearning Expert Jay Cross to Headline April 30 Learning Techniques Webinar by Harbinger Knowledge Products and Raptivity Software

Redmond, WA, April 17, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Harbinger Knowledge Products, a global leader in interactive eLearning, presentation and website software, announced today that nationally renowned eLearning expert Jay Cross will headline the company's free learning techniques webinar, "Making Learning Stick," April 30 at 11 a.m. Pacific Time.

Cross has been called the Guru of Informal Learning and is credited with originating the term eLearning. He is the CEO of the Internet Time Alliance, which helps corporations and governments use networks to accelerate performance. Cross has challenged conventional wisdom about how adults learn since designing the first business degree program offered by the University of Phoenix.

The 60-minute "Making Learning Stick" seminar is designed for anyone responsible for course development and instruction to learn innovative techniques that will help students retain knowledge better and enhance their performance. Instructors and course designers in the educational arena, government sector and the corporate world are invited to attend.

According to Cross, as much as 85 percent of what a student learns in the traditional classroom environment is forgotten before it is ever put into practice. "The tragedy of the way many of us were taught for years in school is that you really can't remember much of it – geometry, Latin, history – after you leave school," he said.

Part of the problem, Cross said, is that the information was taught by methods more appropriate for training soldiers than knowledge workers and professionals. And knowledge was retained just long enough to pass a test, but not reinforced and used again in our everyday lives.

So how do you improve the odds that learners will apply newfound knowledge on the job and continue to use it?

In the "Making Learning Stick" webinar, Cross will describe and demonstrate ways to increase knowledge retention and promote memory recall through a variety of innovative techniques and concepts, including informal and formal learning, experiential learning, interactive workscapes, reinforcement, push vs. pull learning, and memory experts' tricks.

Cross will give an in-depth view of these effective learning techniques and share tips on how instructors can implement them easily into the learning environment.

There will also be a demonstration of Raptivity, the award-winning do-it-yourself eLearning interactivity builder, to show how course designers and instructors can use variety of interactions for memory recall and knowledge retention.

"Using interactive elements in course material has proven to be one of the best ways to truly engage students, keep their attention and help them retain information," said Seema Chaudhary, president of Harbinger Knowledge Products.

"Raptivity software allows course developers to quickly and easily create engaging learning interactions, including games, simulations, brainteasers, interactive diagrams, virtual worlds and many more."

Cross is challenging participants to suggest techniques they use to make learning stick. Send him your suggestion at jaycross@gmail.com and you'll be eligible to win one of more than a dozen of the greatest books on learning and psychology.

For more information on the webinar, please visit http://www.raptivity.com/webinar-making-learning-stick-jay-cross. And to register for the event, please visit https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/171928952.

About Raptivity
Raptivity has received numerous awards by various learning organizations. It was named as the “Best Rapid eLearning Tool” at the Africa Learning & Development Leadership Awards 2012. It has won LearnX Learning and Technology Impact Awards for the Games and Simulations Category. Raptivity has also received the 2012 Reader’s Choice Award by eSchool Media and ComputED Gazette’s 18th Annual Best Educational Software Awards. For more information, please visit http://www.raptivity.com or contact Harbinger Knowledge Products at 425.861.8400.

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