Soft Xpansion Presents New Functionality in PDF Xpansion SDK 8

soft Xpansion permanently enhances and improves its PDF Xpansion SDK by regularly adding new features and new functionality to version 8.

Bochum, Germany, April 18, 2013 --( PDFand PDF/A are the standard file formats for digitally based communication and long-term document archiving. Both formats were made official ISO standards years ago. Soft Xpansion allows for the high relevance of PDF and PDF/A. The company regularly publishes new versions and version enhancements of its PDF Software Development Kit (SDK). The SDK enables software developers to seamlessly implement the creation, editing and display of PDF and PDF/A files into their own 32- and 64-bit Windows applications.

The SDK may be used in Windows projects based upon a variety of platforms. Developers may use C++ (the language of the SDK core), the .NET platform (C# or VB) or languages that support the COM interface (for example Delphi or C++ Builder). It also includes ActiveX and .NET Controls (Forms or WPF) and the possibility to implement the display of PDF documents in Internet Explorer, as well as capabilities to fill PDF forms without the installation of additional components.

With the SDK functionality implemented, end users do not need any extra programs to create, edit and view PDF or PDF/A files. The libraries are completely independent and do not require any specific system components or any additional software that is not already included in Microsoft Windows.

New In Version 8
Since the release of version 8 in October 2011, soft Xpansion has constantly optimized and enhanced the SDK. Currently, the list of enhancements includes the following features:

Improved performance for the import of EMF to PDF and in PDF drawing / printing
Higher quality of image interpolation for Direct2D drawing
Incremental updates for any document revision and for PDF/A files
Support of trusted identities
Font substitution
Support of settings for WIA scanners
Barcode support in PDF documents (barcode library), create and read barcodes
Custom document properties
Documents signing in “PKCS#7 detached” format
Signing with the hash algorithms SHA256, SHA384, SHA512
Sign with signatures in format 6 (Adobe Acrobat 10 compatible)
Data interface for access to portfolio data and portfolio navigator
Improved interactive text editor for PDF Quick Viewer (for example form
fields or pop ups)

The prices for the basic SDK library to create PDF files start at 950,- Euros. Various license types and components are available. The price list follows the idea to offer separable SDK components and modules. Therefore, it allows adaptation to the actual clients' demands on the solution. Detailed information on the SDK is available in the PDF Xpansion SDK Guide. The Guide and a trial version are available for download on the product page.

More Software: PDF Xpansion Inside
The SDK is based upon the company's PDF Xpansion technology, which is used by several partners and customers. Moreover, Soft Xpansion has implemented the technology into its own Perfect PDF & Print 8 product family. The family members consist of retail desktop applications and freeware.

About Soft Xpansion:
Soft Xpansion is made up of globally active, international teams of software authors, developers, screen designers, software engineers and product managers.

The company was founded in 1995 and is headquartered in Bochum, Germany. In the past 18 years, more than 200 software products have been published in more than 200 different editions. The product range includes solutions (standard software, developer libraries, software development kits and individual programming) in the core areas PDF technology and document management. Localized versions of Soft Xpansion products are sold in Germany, Great Britain, France, Italy, USA, the Benelux countries, the Ukraine,Spain, Russia, Portugal, Australia and Turkey. Soft Xpansion is a full member of the PDF Association,

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