Magnitude Gallery Presents “Rang Barse” Art Fest

Celebrating its first anniversary with 7 art shows for 21 days non stop

Bangalore, India, August 15, 2007 --( Magnitude Gallery, based at Jayanagar, Bangalore, India’s leading resource for Customized Art, today announced a 21-day non-stop celebration spanning several themes and a riot of colors, aptly named “Rang Barse”. This festival, that marks Magnitude’s first anniversary, will have 7 art shows for 21 days non-stop, from 10th – 31st August. Probably for the first time in India, art would be celebrated in such style.

Talking about the celebrations, Mr. S. R. Magar, Managing Director, Magnitude Gallery, said that, “Art has always been a part of our culture and has been appreciated by people from all walks of life. The sheer fact that Magnitude Gallery has completed one successful year of enthralling the art lovers is a testimony to the growing acceptance of art”. He added that, “To celebrate the appreciation and patronage from the whole spectrum of people, corporate houses, distinguished individuals, we have come up with – Rang Barse, the art festival”.

The festival would begin with the exhibition named – Gajakarana, based on lord Ganesha’s various forms. The harbinger of prosperity & the Lord of great beginnings would be the best way to kick-off this fabulous festival of art.

The collection has been put together by a total of 11 artists. There is a collection of more than 250 masterpieces created to cater to the likes of art connoisseurs. During the course of the celebrations, customers can get special gifts, surprises and discounted prices that can be availed.

The 6 other themes that would be on display are:

Enigma: The beauty of abstract art will come alive in this series. Not the work of a bored artist, these abstracts carry within them some profound meaning, provided there is inkling to ‘read between the lines’ and discover the story behind the piece of art.

Soundarya: The celestial beauty of nature will be gracing the canvas in this theme. There will be hues of blues & greens, which symbolize nature. The true essence of nature in arresting forms, have been captured on canvas through meticulous detailing.

Aakaar: The subject of architecture has been explored in the language of art. Awe-inspiring works of art, majestic paintings which bring about the romance of architecture, are bound to have the art lovers mesmerized.

Bhoomi: The rustic beauty and innocence of the countryside has been given the form of a canvas. Various representations of life in the countryside have been put together to take you to a trip down village side, without even taking a day off.

Krrishi: The artists have conjured some magical moments of the life in the farmlands. The sheer simplicity and innocence which resides there is the mainstay of this theme.

Techno Kala: The cutting edge digital age has never been showcased in such a way in the art world. It definitely overshadows digital art because it wasn’t a mouse but a paint brush that gave life to the humdrum world of IT.

Thanking the art patrons of Bangalore, Mr. Magar said, “The patrons have been very warm and appreciative of our work in the past one year and we at Magnitude Gallery wish to express our sincere gratitude in the form of Rang Barse”. He further added, “The flagship brand of Magnitude Gallery - Gifts D’art, the revolutionary idea of corporate gifting, has found a warm reception among the corporate houses in particular. There is the option to choose from a wide range of themes and have it customized with their company brand.”

In its very first year, Magnitude Gallery has evolved as the perfect destination for the art-aficionados of Bangalore. It has been an eventful year and accolades have come from wide and far. Some of the paintings have also been exported abroad, which has been an achievement in itself.

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