LSI Launches MyAcademicWorkshop™ Adaptive Mathematics Placement Exam

MyAcademicWorkshop rapidly places students into or out of developmental mathematics courses with its student-friendly assessment system.

Tampa, FL, April 18, 2013 --( Link-Systems International, Inc. (LSI) is proud to announce the deployment of their algorithmic, adaptive mathematics placement exam administered through MyAcademicWorkshop. MyAcademicWorkshop is a robust assessment, homework, and placement program served through a familiar, learning management environment and an intuitive, algorithmic assessment engine. Pre-loaded with seven system syllabi, containing over 7,000 individual algorithmic questions, along with a complete workflow editor that allows for the editing, creating, ordering, and customization of questions or assignments, MyAcademicWorkshop serves the needs of instructors and students alike.

Robert Andersen, Director of Product Development at LSI, explains what this launch means for the company: “With this leap in the evolution of MyAcademicWorkshop, Link-Systems International is firmly stepping into the largest educational demographic with tools that are advantageously competitive against companies at the top of the market.”

With the deployment of the adaptive placement exam, MyAcademicWorkshop places itself on firm footing with the likes of Accuplacer® and COMPASS®. Driven by direct student input rather than multiple choice assessment items and a sophisticated adaptive algorithm created by the LSI Dynamical Problem-Based Objective Mastery engine (DPOM), MyAcademicWorkshop serves the needs of summer bridge, incoming, and current students alike who are in need of placement into or out of developmental mathematics courses.

The exam, administered via web browser through MyAcademicWorkshop and available for direct student access via E-commerce, serves questions to the student throughout developmental mathematics curricula from basic college mathematics through college algebra and adapts to the student’s responses to select and serve the subsequent questions for the exam. Typical placement occurs between 9 and 12 responses but, depending on the sophistication of the student, placement could occur in as little as 5 questions.

They are proud to integrate this placement exam into MyAcademicWorkshop, which can be used in conjunction with pre-defined destination courses via automatic enrollment after exam completion. To read more about the research behind the adaptive placement exam and its theories please see the white paper titled “Individualized, Problem-based Assessment and Remediation” found at

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