Windsor Man Launches

Subscribe to luxury tie rental business with Windsor Man.

Boston, MA, April 18, 2013 --( Windsor Man, a Boston-based start-up, launched its premium service today, offering its customers high-end ties on a monthly subscription basis.

The service allows users to rent ties from a number of luxury brands, including Hermès, Ferragamo, and Brioni. The monthly subscription package works similar to other rental services: customers make tie selections on Windsor Man’s website, receive ties based on availability, wear the ties they receive for as long as they would like, and then ship the ties back to Windsor Man in pre-paid envelopes. Once Windsor Man receives the tie from the customer, the company will ship that customer a replacement tie according to the customer’s preselected preferences. Customers currently have the ability to choose from three different plans: “The Gentleman” (one tie at-a-time), “The Aficionado” (3 ties-at-a-time), and “The Windsor Man” (5 ties at-a-time).

“Windsor Man is a really easy way for men to men to look their best every day, whether they are at the office or at a special event,” said co-founder Diane Chang. “Hermès ties are expensive, but we offer them at under $20 a month, and we bring our customers a huge selection that is difficult to build on their own. In short, we allow our customers to subscribe to luxury.”

Windsor Man is currently open for business. Customers can browse the company’s selection at
Windsor Man
Ben Bullitt