Spectikon Corporation Launches Micro GPS Tracking and Retrieving Device

Retrievor, a Spectikon Corporation brand, is an ultra small GPS tracking and retrieving device designed to help parents and pet owners locate their children and loved ones quickly. Measuring only 25 mm (0.98") in diameter and 9 mm (0.35") means you can use Retrievor to track almost anything.

Sarasota, FL, April 19, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Retrievor, which goes on sale late November, allows parents and pet owners, through the use of a computer, tablet or mobile device, to track their loved ones’ whereabouts at any time. The GPS microchip sits inside a tiny plastic disc which can be attached to almost anything using a specially designed multipurpose clip. Retrievor can be integrated into pet collars during manufacture or clip to existing ones and comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 25 days. Recharging is via USB A to Micro B cable, or through main adapter and typical charge time is less than 2 hours! When power is low, Retrievor sends an e-mail or text message warning the owner.

By selecting and partnering with the very best manufacturers of micro technology, Retrievor is really small. Measuring only 25 mm (0.98") in diameter and 9 mm (0.35") means you can use Retrievor to track almost anything.

"We've teamed up with some of the best brains in the business and developed partnerships with cutting edge service providers to bring you the smallest ever, end to end GPS solution in the world. Period!" claims Spectikon Corporation's Inventor & CEO, Shane Liddell. "We've packed some amazing technology into our little Retrievor, which combined with our free android, iPhone & web apps, will allow you to track almost anything, anywhere in the world. You can also track Retrievor live online, and follow its every move!" he continues.

8 million children will go missing this year and 2 million will be victims of commercial sexual exploitation. There are an estimated 77 million dogs in America, and more than 10 million go missing each year. The current practice of micro-chipping dogs, or implanting a microchip under the skin, is imperfect. The chips contain basic contact information, but a vet or animal shelter has to use a special scanner to gain access to it. Owners often forget to update their contacts when they move or change phone numbers.

"With this in mind our team's primary focus during the development of Retrievor, was to find ways to combat these problems and assist with the recovery of people, pets and lost or stolen items. By creating a device so small that it can be worn discretely or hidden very easily, and go undetected by perpetrators was our main aim during design. With the ability to pinpoint the exact location of the device Retrievor plays a pivotal role in protecting our children of this world and our furry friends too!" he says.

The device uses exciting new technology to minimize data usage, Global positioning Satellites, cellular services from a leading provider and Google mapping services to track and locate.

Spectikon Corporation plans to utilize a crowd-funding platform to assess levels of demand for their product and to further develop it's features before an official launch later this year.
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