Brantford, Ontario Based Twin Valley Zoo Announces Addition of New Siberian Tigers

Brantford, Canada, April 20, 2013 --( Highly acclaimed Brantford, Ontario based attraction Twin Valley Zoo has just announced an exciting new addition to their collection of animals. The zoo is now the new home to a pair of Siberian tigers. These majestic animals will take center stage this summer season as Twin Valley Zoo continues its tradition of entertaining guests from across Ontario.

Zoos across North America offer the best insights for young minds into animals and animal behaviour. Each summer, millions of families make their way to zoos across Ontario in order to see animals that are rare to their local area. And now, with the new addition of their Siberian tigers, Twin Valley Zoo is set to offer Ontario families a glimpse into the daily lives of these beautiful creatures.

Twin Valley Zoo has been a tourist destination in Brantford for generations. Opened in 1991, the zoo includes animal exhibits featuring a regularly updated selection of animals from all over the world. As they focus on educating visitors on the behaviours and needs of each of their animals, children can learn from zoo friendly, knowledgeable staff about their favourite creatures.

The zoo’s new Siberian tigers are a male and a female that have been hand-raised and are now two-years old. While these large cats are exceptionally powerful and well maintained, they are also exceptionally playful. And so guests will be delighted to see the way in which the pair of tigers interacts with one another. This exciting new addition is just one of the many features guests can look forward to when they visit Twin Valley Zoo this 2013 summer season!

Twin Valley Zoo will be opening on Saturday, May 4th, 2013. Guests are advised to come early in the day in order to ensure they have time to experience the many features that Twin Valley Zoo has to offer. For those who wish to book a group or class visit to the zoo, please email their administrative team directly at Alternatively, guests may visit the zoo’s updated website at for more information on the summer season and the zoo’s various visitor policies.
Twin Valley Zoo
Tom Stallman