"The Complete eDating Advice Comedy Series" for Men and Women is Now Out on Amazon and Smashwords

From the author of "Five-Star FLEECING" comes the long-awaited complete edition of a six-part series, the only comedy about internet dating, "The Complete eDating Advice Comedy Series" with His and Hers editions!

Astoria, NY, April 20, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Humorist Maura Stone satirizes the wonderful world of online romance with sass, wit and instructive advice to the lovelorn in the guise of the Bubbameistah, a pithy broad in The Complete eDating Advice Comedy Series for Men and for Women. Not for the faint of heart, she addresses in both versions online masturbation, catfish, scammers, deviants and lunatics in easy to understand language to avoid common pitfalls, namely loss of life, dignity, finances and mind.

Ms. Stone should know! She spent 8 years online immersed in primary research of the edating world where she now can differentiate all kinds of people and easily categorize the men and the women for her readers so they will never have to duplicate her hard work.

Whether you go online to meet the love of your life or to get laid, the Bubbameistah dispenses solid advice so you don't end up feeling like a fool, impoverished or in a morgue. An entertaining and hilarious read for the jaded edating enthusiast or novice to this new world.

Check out: "The Complete eDating Advice Comedy Series for Women" and "The Complete eDating Advice Comedy Series for Men" on Amazon and Smashwords.

While you're at it, read a sampling from Ms. Stone's blog at KISS-keepitsimpleschmuck on blogspot.
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