Controlled Capture Systems Announces AndroiDAQ, a 24-Channel Wireless Data Acquisition System for Android™

Idaho Falls, ID, April 20, 2013 --( Controlled Capture Systems, a systems integration and product design company based in Idaho Falls, Idaho, announced today the release of AndroiDAQ©, a multi-channel, multi-processor controlled, wireless data acquisition and control development module, for use with Android™ phones and tablets, and for Windows™ laptops, or personal computers.

The AndroiDAQ module features 24 I/O channels, of which, sixteen can be configured for use as TTL level inputs or outputs, for frequency or timing measurements, or for frequency synthesis output. The module’s remaining eight channels feature a 12-bit ADC processor for voltage measurements.

The AndroiDAQ module contains a powerful eight-core micro-controller whose firmware is open source, an on-board Real-Time-Clock, and a micro-SD card file system for data logging with time-stamp inclusion. The module is powered by a 9-12-volt DC source and is 5-volt DC input tolerant, which makes the module ideal for portable data collection and remote controlling applications.

The module offers wired connectivity via USB cabling or wireless connectivity via Class One Bluetooth or WiFi radio options. The company offers, for free, their open source, user customizable, control application software under the product name AndroiDAQ DEMO, for both the Android™ operating system and the LabVIEW™ programming language, for out-of-the-box operability. It is also compatible with JAVA™ and other popular programming languages.

“We designed the AndroiDAQ module because as a systems integration company, we were not content with the number of channel limitations and cost per channel considerations regarding other commercially available data acquisition products that are currently on the market,” states Rick Fluck, CEO of Controlled Capture Systems, “The AndroiDAQ circuitry has proved to us time and again that it is very versatile when used in our product designs, so we want to offer it to students, developers, engineers, and product designers to help them make their product dreams a reality with a cost effective development module,” added Fluck.

Controlled Capture Systems has been providing custom systems integration services in both hardware and software design since 2002, to government and industrial customers. The company's expertise includes machine vision, image processing, and vision enabled data acquisition systems.

Further information regarding AndroiDAQ and the company may be obtained by going to the company's web site or by contacting Controlled Capture Systems directly.
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