Cepoint Upgrades Its DVR to 12 HD-SDI /3G Channels, 2K Digital Cinema w/GPS or IRIG-B Time-Stamp and IPTV Streaming

Cepoint Network's professional Studio9000DVR-IRIG High Speed Multichannel VGA/RGB/DVI, Digital Video Recorder with IRIG-B or GPS Time-Stamp has been upgraded to 12 HD-SDI 3G, VGA/DVI Channels with support for 2K digital cinema mode.

Boston, MA, April 20, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Cepoint Networks, LLC announced upgrade of the company's High Speed Multi-channel/HD Studio9000DVR series to 12 3G/HD-SDI and VGA/DVI channels along with it's capability to Time-stamp each video frame with precision GPS or IRIG-B data. This now means a user can simultaneously capture, record and playout multiple channels of 3G/HD-SDI, VGA/DVI and other high resolution videos and images up to 2K x 2K digital cinema resolution at 60fps. In addition the system now incorporates up to 12TB Solid State disk (SSD) storage and can also capture, record and stream high quality video over IP networks, making it more robust for applications that also requires IPTV or IP Surveillance over remote networks. Previously Studio9000DVR could only capture and record only up to 1920 x 1080p, 2G /HD-SDI (150Gbs). The new upgrade version with simultaneous multichannel video capture and recording of very high speed and high definition (HDTV) video or image sources, will capture and record analog RGB, (H&V sync or Sync-on-Green), Radar screen, DVI or VGA sources, X-ray and medical equipment images. A 2U ST9002HD like it's Studio9000DVR-IRIG cousin also comes embedded with IRIG-B (Inter-range Instrument time code) or GPS time code generator and receiver for precision IRIG-A/B or GPS frame time-stamp and referencing.

The DVR's embedded or removable Solid State Disk storage media is capable of storing up to 8-hours or more of data or content making this high-availability professional DVR system also ideal for high end Full HD 1080p CCTV surveillance applications.

The industrial grade system which is designed for high speed imaging and video recording for scientific or surveillance video analysis can capture and record simultaneous multiple streams of video or images from any 3G/HD-SDI, CameraLINK, CoaXpress, RGB, computer VGA sources, X-Ray machines, NTSC or PAL component, analog or digital video sources in uncompressed AVI or compressed MPEG-4, H264, M-JPEG and quite suitable for tracking and analyzing images and videos of fast moving objects, Bullet & Ballistic Testing, high end surveillance such as Airborne video surveillance, X-Ray, FLIR, Machine Vision, Radar imaging, etc. Resolution and frame speed can range up to 2048 x 2048 and up to 100,000 fps or more.

Since the unit was designed with mobility and laboratory environment in mind, an optional 12-28V DC powered version is also available in addition to the standard 110-240V AC powered unit.

Cepoint's Studio9000DVR-IRIG video acquisition systems are being used in R & D laboratories, and defense agencies for complex and advanced imaging applications, high end video surveillance and IPTV streaming or Broadcasting.

Cepoint is a systems integration, consulting, and manufacturing company with emphasis in custom and specialized IT products and solutions for defense, R & D, security and communications applications. The company also manufactures high performance, industrial strength computing systems, enterprise NAS storage, network communication systems, applied computing products, and technologies for scientific applications and industrial processes.

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