Moveorama - a Project for the Promotion of Underground Art

Montecatini Terme, Italy, April 21, 2013 --( It will begin to take its first steps starting in May 2013. Moveorama is a completely free international project for the promotion of underground art, which will allow independent artists from around the world to have international visibility. The idea for this project comes from the awareness of an artistic underground movement that despite the numerous possibilities offered by the web and specialized sites, is struggling to emerge fully.

Moveorama will be developed as an interactive database, where besides the classic viewing and placement services, will integrate a service of promotion, through video interviews, backstage, available on the dedicated YouTube channel, through the production of content on the already active blog, and on the popular social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest). Moveorama offers to become an unique and clear point of contact for users / users that will interact, either through direct contact with the authors, both with the ability to add and edit contact cards.

The masterminds behind Moveorama are Italian, specifically Tuscan, and are those of Stefano Cavalli, author of independent film productions, television, radio and film critic and writer, responsible for the Cinema and Sara Parigiani, qualified sound engineer, editor and curator of graphic content, creator and director of television productions, web and radio, responsible for the music section.

The technical implementation of the database is assigned to 4tunelab sas of Genoa, Italy.

The official date of publication of the database will be made ​​official by a further press release.

For further info write at
Stefano Cavalli