India Gets Its First Modern, Retirement Old-Age Home

Doraha, India, April 24, 2013 --( Bringing modern retirement to India, Dream and Beauty Charitable Trust (DBCT), has introduced Heavenly Palace, the first-ever modern, old-age retirement home in India ( Located in Doraha, Punjab, this senior citizen home actively transforms the perception of old-age homes in the country.

"People in India usually consider old-age homes as a place of despair, grief and melancholy. Heavenly Palace is a social venture aimed at progressive and happy living for senior citizens," explains Brig. R.K. Khanna, CEO, Heavenly Palace.

According to Dream and Beauty Charitable Trust, this retirement home embodies ultra-modern facilities like an amphitheatre, auditorium, a library and entertainment area for the senior citizens. The 14 acre campus is designed to provide senior citizens with luxury facilities and qualified medical assistance at all times.

"Indian parents save for their children even when they are above 60 years of age. At Heavenly Palace, we encourage senior citizens to spend on themselves and enjoy a respected luxury living," explains Khanna.

In the past decade, old age homes in India ( have evolved in terms of facilities and outlook.

The management at Heavenly Palace encourages group of retired friends to relocate together. According to them, community assisted living homes for the elderly allow a happier retirement.

This modern retirement home is now being endorsed for group of senior citizens of Punjabi, Gujarati, Bengali, Kannada, and Tamilian origin to relocate as a community. Non-resident Indian or NRI senior citizens are finding this old age home in India, a safe haven to relocate without their families.

"Old age homes or retirement homes in India have been seen as a social stigma so far. With Heavenly Palace (, we are bringing the 'Happy Retirement' ideology to India. We need this change in the Indian mindset, because children become independent but parents still need company in their older years," says Khanna.

This retirement home has received a decent response in the first few months. It is being considered ideal for community living by the locals.

Dream and Beauty Charitable Trust was founded in the year 1996. The mission of the trust includes working for the senior citizens, hunger alleviation, girl child issues and deprived migrant population. The trust is headquartered at Doraha, Punjab, India.
Ishana Luthra
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