Emzy.Collins Begins Promotional Contest for Fans

The Detroit based emzy.collins is offering fans the chance to win a cash prize for their word-of-mouth promotion. The fan that is able to get the most people to purchase the artist's recent CD "nothing yet" will win the prize.

Detroit, MI, August 16, 2007 --(PR.com)-- The Detroit based musician emzy.collins is offering a $100 prize to the fan that does the best word-of-mouth marketing. The contest entitled “nothing to something” runs until October 12, 2007. The promotion is open to fans worldwide who register at the official contest web-page (http://www.emzycollins.com/contest/).

“I’ve had many fans come to me and ask how they could help me. I came up with the contest in order to show my gratitude for the fans who are out there promoting my music,” said Emzy Collins, the sole member of the music act.
The contest revolves around the most recent emzy.collins album, nothing yet. The album was entirely self-recorded and self-released. It is exclusively available from the artist’s website store (http://www.emzycollins.com/store/).
At the moment, emzy.collins is an unsigned artist. His music has been played on radio stations in various countries around the world. He has been compared to Jeff Buckley, Coldplay, and Radiohead.

Emzy Collins