CitesteAsta to Launch a New Contest with Prizes - Improved Website Up and Running

CitesteAsta to launch a new campaign aimed at literature enthusiasts, authors and critics - promote your writing style and showcase your talent!

Bucharest, Romania, April 30, 2013 --( CitesteAsta - prose and poetry enthusiasts will soon be able to participate in a new series of contests with surprise prizes every month starting with May 1st.

In addition to the new contests, CitesteAsta has prepared a number of new sections on the website and will be releasing them to the public in May.

New features are the columns for comedy, advice, music and many more.

The new CitesteAsta website has been launched and it's still undertaking stress tests. Numerous optimizations were made in order to improve the general quality of the site.

Whether an established author or simply a novice trying your hand at writing, look no further - CitesteAsta is the place to post creations and have others criticize or praise it.

The procedure is simple:

- visit and check out the monthly theme;
- send a creation to their inbox (concurs(at);
- the work will be read by their staff to make sure it abides by the terms of service and privacy policy;
- a staff member or CitesteAsta will publish the article and send a confirmation e-mail;
- the winner will be announced at the end of the month;

Most of the authors, subscribers and contributors are established writers or have extended experience with writing so be prepared for harsh critics.

All articles will be proofread, analysed and optimized by CitesteAsta staff in order to provide the best reading experience for the reader.

As general advice when submitting an essay, poem or any kind of short story please keep in mind the following few suggestions that will add extra value to the work you hand in:

- it's advised for articles to be between 500-1500 words;
- feel free to attach a maximum of two (2) relevant pictures and/or a link to a clip deemed appropriate for the present content;
- format the text with heading, paragraphs and subtitles for better readability;
- include a short description of the subject (150characters)
- do not confuse the reason to promote the articles with the reason to write them;

CitesteAsta has a huge range of subjects for you to approach. These guidelines are just that - guidelines, and nothing more. Moreover CitesteAsta encourages users to be as original and creative as they can - letting their imagination run free.

About CitesteAsta:

CitesteAsta has worked exclusively with Romanian established authors as well as hobbyists and over the course of two years has managed to establish a presence in the online publication of prose,poetry, short stories and other types of literary writing.
Florin Gheorghe