2013 Inspiring Flow Conference is a Must Visit Event

Rosenhiem, Germany, April 26, 2013 --(PR.com)-- On April 19th QArea professionals has traveled to Rosenheim, Germany to participate in Inspiring Flow Conference. From last year’s conference, there were few changes to 2013 event. It is been decided to extend the conference and instead of one day this year was a two day event and it was held entirely in English in order to meet high demand for the event from international developers.

Two days of conference were accompanied by two days of 8 hour workshops where professionals from around the globe were able to work together. Inspiring Flow this year has brought together a fabulous team of “first class” speakers that gave terrific speeches full of priceless information.

Inspiring Flow Program:

•“Inspiring Flow Keynote” Robert Lemke, Ben Van't Ende
•“Using document databases with TYPO3 Flow” Karsten Dambekalns
•“Ember.js and Flow - how do they fit together?” Rens Admiraal
•“medialib.tv, building VOD portal with the flow” Dominique Feyer
•“A fully integrated single sign-on solution with TYPO3 Flow” Christopher Hlubek
•“A complete TYPO3.Flow Development and Deployment Pipeline” Thomas Layh
•“Embedded Expression Language (EEL) and TypoScript outside of TYPO3” Christian Müller
•“Maintaining your Flow / Neos installation - best practices for the use of composer, git and friends” Christian Jul Jensen
•“Keynote: A Framework is No Architecture” Stefan Priebsch
•“How Flow influenced TYPO3 CMS” Felix Oertel
•“Web service Backend and Solr Search Application with Flow” Stefan Regniet
•“Using TYPO3 Surf, Git and Jenkins for scalable deployment architectures” Martin Helmich
•“Flow package best practices” Pankaj Lele
•“Setup development environment with Vagrant, Chef and github + Travis-ci” Michael Klapper
•“The Real World – Beyond the Blog Example” Robert Lemke

High-level networking and pure Flow fun, that’s what the conference was about. It was an excellent and a must visit event for every developer. It has already became a tradition that Flow conference is in a huge demand and the atmosphere there is simply amazing.

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Andrew Smith