Alpha 1472, the Intriguing New Novel from Eddie Hastings

Announcing a new book by Eddie Hastings.

Tenerife, Spain, April 27, 2013 --( A story that we are all familiar with told in an imaginative new way. / Alpha 1472.

A planet with its own biosphere travels on its huge elliptical orbit. Once every two thousand, five hundred years it comes into range of another planet that is home to a species similar to theirs. The space ship Alpha 1472 is sent to recover information left for them with disastrous consequences.

Mary Emmanuel is the navigator on her final mission for the company. And although the company was aware that she was in the first trimester of her pregnancy, it had been decided that she and her unborn baby would be perfectly able to accompany the crew on their mission. Neither she nor her husband, David, could have imagined the outcome.

Introducing the new novel from Eddie Hastings.

This story is a refreshing look at a subject that affects all of us. It is a tale that everyone is familiar with. It brings an alternative viewpoint which provokes the reader into re-examining age old teachings.

"If you ever doubted the writings in the Good Book and always wondered what else is out there, this is one of those books that could explain it. Fiction - yes, sci-fi - maybe, plausible - definitely."
- Steve Y, Review.

Using a plausible mixture of modern day technology juxtaposed with a feel for ancient history, this novel takes the reader back in time while maintaining a firm grip on the present. This is a story of technology versus history. It is the story of a group of people working together to complete their mission, dealing with all of the different trials presented to them. And ultimately it is the tale of a small group of people who are forced to begin a new life in an alien environment.

"This book’s concept was great. It was well written. I really enjoyed it and look forward to a sequel."
- Janet Alversa Loening, Franklin Square, NY United States. Review.

Alpha 1472 was released in February 2013 and is now available worldwide from Amazon books. It is available in both the eBook version (€3.94), and in paperback format (€7.38).

About the Author
Eddie was educated at Churchfields High School in West Bromwich, UK where he was always an active member of the school theatre group, music workshops, library groups and debating societies. He left school with no discernable examination results and drifted through a series of different jobs unable to settle into the standard nine to five norm. During his life Eddie has undertaken jobs as diverse as barman, fork lift truck driver, delivery driver, insurance salesman and maintenance fitter to name but a few, but it wasn't until he discovered hospital radio that he found a vocation that would last for thirty years or more. The combination of radio presenting and mobile disc jockey work led him naturally into performing in clubs, bars, hotels, and theatres as a singer comedian. More recently Eddie found himself working in radio for a local station where he became a presenter and eventually rising to the dizzy heights co-station controller. Nowadays he lives on the island of Tenerife with his wife Hollie and their son Jack. He divides his time between his computer work as a graphic and web designer, his writing and his family.

The storyline for the "Alpha Series" has been running around his head for as long as he can remember and in 2012 he decided to commit it to book form and publish. The result was his first novel Alpha 1472. There are plans for the "Alpha Series" to run over four novels and Eddie is busy writing the second installment.
Eddie Hastings