Watch the Battle of Gettysburg Streamed Live This July

For the first time ever a major Civil War reenactment battle will be streamed live at

Gettysburg, PA, April 26, 2013 --( History will come alive this summer from Gettysburg in the form of a live streaming battle webcast. The Gettysburg Anniversary Committee has partnered with Rob Child and Associates, LLC of Wake Forest, NC to bring Pay Per View subscribers the iconic reenacted final battle of Pickett’s Charge live as it unfolds.

The battle will be staged at this summer’s 150th anniversary Gettysburg National Civil War battle reenactment that stretches over four days from July 4 – 7. The reenactment will feature 15,000 Civil War reenactors engaged in combat and viewers can watch the epic spectacle on their computer, flat screen, tablet or smart phone for a low subscription fee on July 7th.

“Nothing like the Gettysburg Battlecast (Pickett’s Charge Live) has ever been done before. I even had to come up with the name ‘Battlecast.’ The main reenactment field is perhaps more than 1000 meters across. It is a massive area to cover and it has been a challenge in the technical planning. Viewers wouldn’t stand for watching all wide shots of the battle so we will have several wireless cameras embedded with the troops and we have just started discussing ground breaking angles with miniature cameras. I want to give folks an up close and personal view of the action on the field,” Child stated.

Viewers can sign on for a four-month renewable subscription. Besides the live Pickett’s Charge webcast, which can be replayed by subscribers after the event there will be exclusive, highlight video clips from each day of the Gettysburg reenactment. In addition there will be behind the scenes interviews with leading historians. Find out more at
Rob Child and Associates, LLC
Robert Child