Stereotec and Cinemavirtel Strategic Global Alliances Team Up for the US 3D Market

Los Angeles, CA, April 26, 2013 --( Florian Maier, CEO and Founder of Stereotec has reached an agreement with Susan Kay Moses and Bob Myers of Cinemavirtuel Strategic Global Alliances (“CSGA”) to act as a Stereotec point of contact for the US. Florian is an acknowledged and respected stereographer worldwide. He was recently awarded with five Lumiere Awards for Outstanding Achievement (“Best Stereography”, twice “Best 3D Feature Film” and twice “Best Commercial”), from the International 3D Society in Hollywood.

CSGA was thrilled to sponsor the Excellence in 3D Production Workshop in Los Angeles on April 11th, 2013 which proved to be an exciting platform to showcase the Stereotec technology making 3D format production affordable with the ease of precision in the outcome. Attendees enjoyed the unique opportunity to learn how Stereotec is fast becoming a leader in cutting edge 3D and why it is being used for outstanding productions. Stereotec offers direct workflows and innovative solutions pushing the boundaries of film, television, commercial, new media and live event productions

Following the workshop CSGA and Stereotec reached an agreement whereby CSGA will act as a point of contact for filmmakers, DOPs and directors working in the 3D environment and interested in utilizing the state of the art Stereotec rigs and technology. “CSGA’s experienced production team is a natural fit for our strategic alliance,” stated Maier.

The growing use of digital cinematography and digital projection has enabled major advances in 3D for productions across multiple formats with far better control over the headache inducing issues that blighted previous generations.
Susan Kay Moses