Drug-Free South Travels 600 Miles for Drug Education in Tennessee

The Foundation for a Drug-Free South has, in just one month, traveled 600 miles to visit students across Tennessee and deliver information on the Truth About Drugs.

Nashville, TN, April 26, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Anne and Marc Vallieres began in 2010 delivering lectures to students on the Truth About Drugs program in the community of Woodbury, TN. Anne was surprised to learn how rampant drug abuse was, even in her small community, “Crystal meth and cocaine are used quite often here. The situation is not good.”

The inspiration behind the program was Anne’s visit to the local women’s prison at the end of 2009 to find out how these women ended up there and see if she could help them. She commenced drug education right then, but as she continued she realized that no one had educated these women on what drugs do before they got in trouble. “That was when I decided that I had to educate youth about drugs,” she says.

Three years later, Anne and Marc are devoted to seeing that every child in Tennessee receives this information.

In the month of April, they travelled 600 miles to visit school children in Union, Cheatham and Rutherford counties. They were able to distribute over 1,200 booklets on the Truth About Drugs to students.

The drug education seminars which Anne and Marc give are based on curriculum supplied by the Foundation for a Drug-Free World. This curriculum is centered on the booklet The Truth About Drugs which details short and long term effects of drugs, common street names and myths that a drug dealer might use to make a sale. The seminars include a video documentary of former drug users talking about their own experience with drugs, which is a powerful tool when kids hear real-life examples of what drugs can do to a person.

The Vallieres are happy to visit any school, club or group to give a lecture on the truth about drugs. For more information, visit the website drugfreesouth.org.
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Julianne Brinker