Build Android Applications Using C/C++ with Packt's New Android NDK Book and eBook

Mumbai, India, April 27, 2013 --( Packt is pleased to announce the release of Android Native Development Kit Cookbook, a step-by-step tutorial with more than 60 concise recipes designed to enhance your Android NDK development skills. This book is written in a Cookbook style, beginning with recipes that focus on helping developers make their software/application available in Android. The book is out now and available in print and all the popular eBook formats.

About the Author:

Feipeng Liu: Feipeng Liu is a technology enthusiast with a focus on multimedia systems and applications. He started mobile applications development in 2008 on Windows Mobile. In 2010, he started developing apps for Android with NDK. His Android apps have been used the world over by many users. One of his apps, Video Converter Android, reached 1 million downloads within 10 months. Liu has received a B.ENG in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Nanyang Technological University and a Master of Computing degree in the Department of Computer Science from the National University of Singapore.

Building Android applications would usually mean spending all of your time working in Java. However, there are times when this is not the most efficient or best method required for the application being built. This is where Android NDK proves to be very useful. Android NDK allows the developer to write in Native C/C++, giving them the power to reuse code and libraries and also, in most cases, increase the speed and efficiency of their application.

Android Native Development Kit Cookbook will help readers master the development, building, and debugging of their native Android applications. This books empowers the reader to write multi-threaded Android apps and develop multimedia Android apps with Android NDK. You will discover and learn JNI programming and essential NDK APIs, such as Open GLES and the native application API.

The chapters covered in the book are:

Chapter 1: Hello NDK
Chapter 2: Java Native Interface
Chapter 3: Build and Debug NDK Applications
Chapter 4: Android NDK OpenGL ES API
Chapter 5: Android Native Application API
Chapter 6: Android NDK Multithreading
Chapter 7: Other Android NDK API
Chapter 8: Porting and Using the Existing Libraries with Android NDK
Chapter 9: Porting an Existing Application to Android with NDK

This book explores the process of porting existing C/C++ libraries and software to Android with NDK. It will enable the reader to build their own apps in NDK apps and also covers programming 2D/3D graphics with both OpenGLES 1x and 2.0 in Android NDK.

Packt has already published a related title, Android NDK Beginner's Guide, in January 2012.

Android developers who want to learn Android NDK programming or develop multimedia and games in Android NDK will benefit greatly from this book. For more information about the book, please visit the Packt book web-page.
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