SEOMatrix, an Ethical Search Engine Optimization Firm, Commences New Campaign on Behalf of EDI Academy

SEOMatrix, LLC Signs Optimization Campaign Contract with EDI Academy, an EDI Training Facility Operating Worldwide Training Courses

New Haven, CT, August 16, 2007 --( SEOMatrix, LLC, an ethical search engine optimization firm in New Haven, Connecticut, is pleased to announce the launch of a campaign on behalf of EDI Academy. EDI Academy ( is a professional educational institution based in San Diego, California. EDI Academy provides training for professionals looking to gain greater skill with EDI so that they can bring their knowledge to the marketplace more effectively.

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is about b2b communication. In today’s paperless work environments, EDI is only growing in importance. The instructors who teach at EDI Academy have learned that EDI’s importance in fields such as finance, education, manufacturing, retail, aerospace, and the healthcare industries – just to name a few – is only growing with time. With that in mind, it’s important to have staff trained to work with EDI efficiently and effectively. The instructors at EDI Academy, who have wide-ranging work experience, from implementing projects and leading enterprise teams at Fortune 500 Companies to assisting entrepreneurs working on start-ups, can teach and guide students to bring their best to the table.

SEOMatrix brings their best to the table in their new campaign for EDI Academy. SEOMatrix, which is led by CEO Brian Ortiz in offices in downtown New Haven, Connecticut, works to design and implement new technologies to increase online visibility for clients worldwide. The development and monitoring of new methodologies for increased web visibility is the primary charge of SEOMatrix. The staff at SEOMatrix, experienced technical analysts and consultants, takes directives from clients and tailors the optimization process to suit: whether simple consultations are needed, or if more involved work is called for (web design, content revision or overhaul, or extensive marketing campaigns), SEOMatrix is up to the challenge.

SEOMatrix looks forward to working with EDI Academy. Its international presence is impressive but SEOMatrix is sure to make it even more impressive. For more information on EDI or EDI Academy, please visit or telephone 858-605-0412. For more information on ethical search engine optimization, please visit or telephone 203-777-3407.

Cassandra Stevenson