Shield of Skool - New Novel Available Today

Franklin, TN, April 28, 2013 --( Just released for distribution, Shield of School is the first book of the Clovel Sword Chronicles by new author Shannon G Brewer. Follow the epic fantasy adventures of Urith and Oslaf, Esterblud warriors struggling to survive against overwhelming odds.

Struggling out of the surf onto an Ynyover beach, two warriors find their world has changed. A simple mission from their overlord, King Pendha of Esterblud, has turned into an epic and perilous trek through the lands of the Sacred Overlord and his allies. The gods of Kamin seem aligned against them and their most ferocious enemies are close enough to destroy them.

So starts a grand adventure, led by Urith, an Esterblud leader, known as Clovel Guardian. With his nephew, Oslaf, the two warriors find allies in a demigod called Mivraa and a beautiful young girl named Fedelm. Struggling through the wilderness, the group discovers that one is chosen to find the Skool. To bring stability back to the realms between the gods and humans, the small band of warriors and prophets begin a quest to recover an ancient artifact, long thought destroyed. Crossing into hostile lands, they must battle mortal enemies who will stop at nothing to destroy them while learning who they can trust among humans and gods.

Chaos creeps into the worlds of the sky gods and the underworld as gods enter the domain of humans, taking the side of Satres, the Kamin Sacred Overlord, and his Cahmais partners. Yet, the visions of the prophets are not set and humans have as much to fear as the immortal gods about the future. Shifting alliances and treacherous allies bring the boundaries of the three dominions in peril as all seek to find the Shield of Skool.

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