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Ozeal Glasses Technology Breakthrough: Online Virtual Try-on

On April 25th, Ozeal Glasses, the emerging online optical shop in UK, announced that the test period of its online Virtual Try-on application came to an end and it will be officially put into use on May 1st.

London, United Kingdom, April 29, 2013 --(PR.com)-- It is widely acknowledged that online purchasing has obvious advantages over shopping in brick and mortar stores such as more available choices, lower prices, no need for parking space, etc. but chances are that, once in hand, the ordered goods may not meet expectations: unwanted colours, wrong sizes, etc. If this is the case, customers tend to turn to another online retailor or even give up online shopping, which is the last thing online retailors want to see.

Things emerge because of demand. Many online retailers have come up cutting-edge solutions to minimize the chance that customers will lose confidence in themselves because of unhappy orders and the most effective ones are one kind of application called Virtual Mirror or Virtual Fitting Room which allows customers to try on dresses or pants online. However, this type of advanced technology is often found in websites selling clothes. When talking about buying optical glasses online, it’s still quite a gamble for customers.

Ozeal Glasses, as one of the most insightful and creative online glasses retailers, have been working hard on solutions to make their glasses meet customers’ expectations as much as possible. By monitoring customer activities on its main website: ozealglasses.co.uk, Ozeal Glasses noticed that many customers switched back and forth between several glasses frames and it took them a while to decide which glasses frame to choose. Apparently, customers need helps to get out of the which-one-to-choose dilemma and after tests and modifications, Ozeal Glasses made one of most advanced technologies applied by online retailers, Online Virtual Try-on accessible for their customers.

The application itself is very easy to use. Customers can either use photos of models provided by the website, or upload photos from computer or take a photo by webcam to have a preview whether a certain frame looks good with their face shapes or skin tones. This application also allows customers to share their photos in glasses on social media like Facebook and Pinterest.

So far, Online Virtual Try-on technology is the most cutting-edge ones and only a few online eyewear retailers are applying it. As to Ozeal Glasses, making such a great investment on this application is kind of gamble, for how customers will see it and use it is still unknown; however, as to customers, especially those who have already experienced unhappy online orders, is a blessing because the chance that the money will be just wasted is avoided as much as possible.
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Aaron Wang