Industrial and Manufacturing Executives Can Drive Growth with New Strategies

Curtis M. Alexander has introduced his free, monthly electronic newsletter, Gaining Ground. It gives industrial and manufacturing executives practical strategies to leverage the internet, increase profits and grow their businesses.

Billings, MT, April 30, 2013 --( Most industrial and manufacturing companies admit they’re behind the curve when it comes to leveraging the internet and ecommerce. While many companies are trying to address this problem, it can be tough to know where to start. According to Curtis M. Alexander, that’s not a problem anymore.

"Other industries have not only pioneered, but proven what works online. Furthermore, they've used the internet as a way to inexpensively test ideas and then roll them out offline. It's an effective one-two punch that industrial companies can derive a lot of value from," Alexander says.

In an effort to help industrial and manufacturing executives take advantage of this trend Alexander has recently created a free electronic newsletter called Gaining Ground. The newsletter focuses on strategies gleaned from Alexander’s work with pioneering clients like Agora, Inc.

Each month Gaining Ground will focus on proven and pragmatic techniques and strategies that industrial and manufacturing companies can use to grow their profits as well as improve their position in the marketplace. It’s emphasis is on ecommerce but will cover offline strategies as well.

Topics include:
1. How to effectively use the power of the internet to build your brand
2. Breaking out of the commodity mindset
3. How to charge more for your products and services
4. The best way to establish and build relationships online and off
5. How to maximize the effectiveness of online tools like pay-per-click and content marketing
6. How to strategically implement social media campaign (including which platforms are most effective and which to avoid)

The newsletter is free and is delivered via email once a month. Interested executives can sign up to receive it at
Curtis M. Alexander
Curtis Alexander