Metronome CD to Make Music Study More Affordable

Columbus, OH, May 01, 2013 --( Local entrepreneur Lucas Beckwith has invented an affordable alternative to conventional metronomes that he hopes will make the joy of music more widely available to students.

It’s called the Metronome CD, and it allows the user to turn any CD player into a metronome instantly. The CD includes 20 tracks, each playing a recording of a metronome at varying tempos--offering a range of 30 to 220 beats per minute at 10-beat intervals. Musicians can simply set their CD players to repeat a given track. Since the CD is only playing back a recording, this gives it the same degree of precision as many high-end metronomes.

Selling at $4.50 USD, the CD is cheaper than even the most affordable budget metronomes, many of which are known for inferior sound quality and low battery life. Mr. Beckwith hopes that music stores will begin to stock their shelves with the CD to offer an option for musicians who need a metronome but aren’t ready to shell out the money for a pricier model.

In addition, Mr. Beckwith hopes that music schools will see the appeal of the Metronome CD as a cost-effective alternative for students on a budget. "Music classes can be expensive, and some families just don't have the money for an instrument, spare parts, repairs, lessons, and every other accessory they may need. The Metronome CD helps to lighten the financial burden a bit.” He adds that teachers could recommend the CD to students or even keep some on hand for students to borrow.

Ultimately, Mr. Beckwith plans to see the CD in music stores all across the country, allowing musicians and students alike to improve their practice habits and performance in the most affordable way possible. “Studying music should not be a privilege for an exclusive few. My hope is that the CD will make learning music accessible for more kids.”
Metronome CD
Matthew Wickman