HomeTask is Now the Ideal Destination for Those Seeking Affordable Property Services

No Matter What the Scope or Scale of your Project, HomeTask Launches Its New Property Services to Meet and Exceed Customer Expectations

Seattle, WA, May 01, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Various types of maintenance and repair can be difficult to execute within a house or office space because it requires time, knowledge, and experience. Although a lot of homeowners and even business owners may opt to take the “do it yourself” route, they often end up paying more than what they bargained for. Either they lack the expertise to successfully perform the service on their building or property, or they don’t have the tools and equipment required to complete the needed service on their building. This is where HomeTask comes in to save the day.

Whether you require immaculate interior painting before the furniture is placed or if you want a fence built around the yard to control your pets, HomeTask provides reliable and immediate help that is quick and easy to access. The professionals at HomeTask have a wide array of skills that provide utmost relief to any home or business owner. They have the ability to inspect and maintain appliances, perform appraisals, repair gutters, clean carpets, provide general home/office repair and maintenance services, help with the moving process, and even provide personal services such as live-in health care and in-home child care.

These are just a few of the services HomeTask provides, which is why the company is quickly gaining popularity. Founder Jerrod Sessler states, “Our vision is to be the destination for everyone who needs any type of service. Regardless of the need, HomeTask can make it happen quickly and efficiently. And, we leave our members feeling like they have a valuable resource that they can call on at any time for any type of service need.”

When asked about the wide range of services his company provides, Mr. Sessler went on to say, “Whether you need carpet installed, drywall, paint, shopping, cleaning, handyman, real estate, in-home services, investigations services or many other service items, HomeTask is your go-to web destination. We never box ourselves in when it comes to providing service. That’s why you can hire us for janitorial service, pet grooming and training, or pest control, all under one roof. We really do it all when it comes to helpful services.”

The company has been able to consistently deliver on its promise of offering comprehensive yet affordable services for well over a decade. It's cutting-edge customer service and unique value proposition makes HomeTask a leader in the service industry.
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Jerrod Sessler