Silhouette Optical Partners with Space Warriors

Silhouette eyewear has partnered with the upcoming film Space Warriors to feature ophthalmic Titan Minimal Art and space styles on the cast.

Green Island, NY, May 01, 2013 --( Jimmy Hawkins (Horn) has lived and breathed astrophysics his entire life and as a result, possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of the field. So when the opportunity to compete and win a seat on the next space shuttle arises, he secretly applies despite his father’s, retired NASA astronaut Capt. Andy Hawkins (Mulroney) and mother’s (Sorvino), reservations. When Jimmy secures the final spot to attend the special space camp at the Space & Rocket Center, which is run by former astronaut Col. Roy Manley (Lucas), he joins an elite team of teens called The Warriors who must test their skills against a strong but devious opposition, The Titans. Just as the competition is coming to an end and The Warriors are feeling defeated, there is an urgent crisis aboard the International Space Station. High-ranking NASA official, Commander Phillips (Glover), has run out of options and it becomes clear that it will be up to these kids to solve the problem and save the lives of the astronauts and cosmonauts some 200 miles from Earth. Using their skills and abilities to work together as a team, The Warriors hatch a brilliant plan that just might save the day.

Silhouette participates in the film, as a brand partner, implementing product in key parts of the film. The teen actors can be seen wearing the space glasses during the camp scenes, while Dermot Mulroney will be seen wearing Silhouette Titan Minimal Art eyewear in the film.

Space Warriors will premiere on April 25 in Huntsville, Alabama at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center and will be released in 29 markets on 43 screens on April 26. The Hallmark Channel will premiere Space Warriors on May 24 with the DVD released date of May 28.
Silhouette Optical Ltd.
Elyse Alexander