Accolade University: Students for Hire

Accolade Global, which consists of several parts including Accolade Global USA, is offering a program for students just out of high school called Accolade University.

George Town, Cayman Islands, May 02, 2013 --( Accolade Global, a capital investment firm that develops investment products and works as a global media consolidator, has a unique project called Accolade University. Accolade University focuses on taking students who recently graduated from high school and putting them in corporate internship positions that will prepare them for the future.

The firm’s many other aspects are put into place to ensure success for the client. These aspects include a focus in the online media sector, with platforms in advertising, media and internet technology. There is also a philanthropic side to the company. Besides its business-like qualities, Accolade Global employees spend time making sure they take part in energy practices that are beneficial to the globe. Such philanthropy can be seen in the inclusion of the Accolade University project.

The program is built on the idea that when students get out of high school, they either go into college and come out without experience for a career, or they get out of high school and are left without the qualifications for such a career. Very rarely do students come out of college and go straight into high-level jobs. It is more likely that a student will get out of school and have to spend time working in lower level jobs until enough experience is gained to get a higher level position. Accolade University aims to help students get out of that cycle.

Accolade University puts high school graduates into internships while they are in college and tries to place the student in an internship closest to him or her. When a student graduates, he or she can continue with a paying job at Accolade Global, or leave with enough experience and qualifications to get a position elsewhere.

While there are companies out there that put students into internship positions while they are in school, Accolade Global does things differently. Most companies look for students who can help out the company for a certain amount of time. Accolade University aims to teach students and help them succeed while being in school—it almost acts as a class in itself, thus giving it the name Accolade University.
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